How to Kill Silverfish BugsDate: August 7, 2012

From the desk of: Steve Johnson

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Knowing How to Kill Silverfish Bugs Begins with the Facts

The general Silverfish bug description of this insect that is a destructive pest for millions of people have no wings and carry a flat fish body shape. An adult Silverfish bug measures about ½ to ¾ of an inch in length. They have three long, tail-like appendages are seen on the rear end of their body.

With so much information about the Silverfish bug you would expect that it would not be a problem to find a couple of methods that could show how to kill Silverfish bugs.

Today several dozen ways exist that will eliminate the adult bugs, but may not be effective enough to destroy the eggs. The first course of action to get rid of these Silverfish bugs is to change your lifestyle and environment.

Chemicals are not the only method to get rid of these destructive insects and there is no guarantee that they won’t return.

What’s the Big Deal?

The problem with Silverfish is their destructive nature; infesting and damaging wallpaper, clothing, books and stationery. This is the main reason most people consider this insect an extremely repulsive nuisance that must be totally eliminated.

“The first line of defense in the battle for control of your living space against silverfish insects understands their behavior. Then you need to learn as much as possible about how to identify what attracts the pest and the best way to destroy them.”

The effectiveness of a method used to kill Silverfish bugs can even fall short of the mark when a pest control company is hired to take on this work. People believe that a professional will have better equipment than they have available to handle this dirty job.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case

The first few weeks after the chemicals are used; home owners find that only the adult Silverfish bugs were destroyed. Now the eggs have hatched and their money has gone up in smoke. Because the Silverfish bugs are nocturnal insects, you need to have a method to track them down.

The question of how to kill Silverfish bugs once and for all is completely answered in this information packed e-book I have written entitled: “Kill Silverfish Guide”

How Silverfish Become a Problem

Silverfish crave moisture; they seek out dark, warm (80F +), damp areas where humidity levels are 85%. This is why the first area to tackle to implement effective Silverfish control begins with a complete house plumbing review for condensation, particularly those found around kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

Any level of condensation is too much; this creates the humid environment that attracts these pests and must be eliminated.

You can avoid condensation on plumbing by:

Use a dehumidifier
Eliminate standing water
Repair faulty pipes
Ventilate closed rooms

If you are sick and tired of see nasty, slimy Silverfish bugs when you turn on the light for a midnight run to the bathroom, this is the first step that is absolutely essential. For anyone who has tried to get rid of them, you have probably become frustrated because it’s not that easy to do is it?

Do not be discouraged, because the solution to your problems is right here on this page. My “Kill Silverfish” eBook has more information included how to eliminate this nasty pest than you will find on any website.

The more you learn about silverfish bugs, the more you will understand how valuable having the information can be against these intrusive and harmful insects… and why not taking action against Silverfish bugs is the worst decision you can make.

The Second Area to Find Silverfish Bugs

Moisture is at the top of the menu for Silverfish bugs, followed by wallpaper, bookcases, window or door frames and closet shelves. Storage areas such as the attic and sub-floor areas are the favorite hiding places of these home-destroying insects.

If you have to store large quantities of books or papers, use a desiccant package to reduce the humidity. This product is available in drugstores; however this alone is not enough; you need to know everything that my ebook “Kill Silverfish” has between its covers.

Remember: Silverfish bugs will travel great distances for food and what they feed on will destroy your home by:
  • Feeding on wallpaper glue; a Silverfish bug infestation left untreated can cost you to lose your most valuable asset; your home. The cost of the damage can significantly put you in debt to repair.
  • Eating through cereal boxes and even if the bugs are not there, these disgusting Silverfish bugs could have laid eggs in your cereal.
  • Destroying your plants – Silverfish bugs are the bane of every indoor gardener because they will devour the plant material.
  • Eating your clothes – Fabrics such as silk, cotton and synthetics attract Silverfish bugs.


I suffered through the same experience you are having right now: my house became INFESTED with SILVERFISH BUGS! I had no clue what to do, so I searched online for a solution. What I found was extremely simple and hardly helpful. Simply squishing them was not making the problem go away and I was not in a position to renovate my living space to eliminate them either.

With every day the situation got worse, but I learned a lot about these insects as I searched for a solution to destroy these nasty silverfish bugs. I tried the chemicals and quickly learned that poisonous chemicals were more harmful to me than the Silverfish bugs I was trying to get rid of.

I also did not like the idea of using harmful “professional extermination chemicals” in my house because I have children and pets. Spreading this stuff around where my dog must get to it was not the way I wanted to tackle this problem.

End to my Misery…

Then I discovered that I had to find a find to not just kill the Silverfish bugs that I saw creeping around at night, but that I needed something that would destroy their nest of eggs.

All of the facts I discovered about these destructive Silverfish bugs along with every method I could find to get rid of them was carefully documented. I tested several different methods and I am pleased to be able to relieve your suffering!

Save yourself from the long and tiring process of tracking down this information. Forget about using methods and going through the trial and error cycle; No need to reinvent the wheel—it’s all right here in this eBook “Kill Silverfish”

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