Take a Look at Some Silverfish Pictures

You can find them chewing your favorite old book handed down to you by your grandfather. You will be surprised to see your cereal boxes open inside the cupboard. You may also see some holes in your favorite crisp white shirt. You may see some holes in your wallpaper. The suspect to the crime–the pesky little critters called the silverfish.

Do not mistaken a silverfish to a centipede. A silverfish is usually find in areas around the house the has moisture like your kitchen sinks, toilet rooms, attics and with the presence of dry starchy substances, the reason why you shouldn’t be surprised if you can also find them on your bookshelves.

But how do they look like? How to distinguish a centipede to a silverfish?


Silverfish Bugs Guide

Silverfish bodies are covered with flexible and slippery scales that protect the insect from capture from larger insects such as spider. Their scales make them look like a little fish, hence the name silverfish. This body covering also allows them to neatly fit within the pages of a closed book and feed. General length of these creatures comes in at about 9mm to 13mm in total length. Centipedes have more legs than the silverfish and they bite. Silverfish bugs only have  six legs and they do not bite.

Okay, so if they do not bite, will they harm you and your family at home?

Although silverfish are quite pesky creatures around the house, they cannot contract you with diseases. However, they can harm your favorite items at homes at your own cost, of course.

To warn you against possible future silverfish bugs attacks, I will show you some silverfish pictures below:

The next you see a creature that looks like these, do not be afraid. However, do certain steps on how to get rid of them fast!

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