Why are there silverfish insects in my house?!

Yes, we do clean our house. We wash our clothes properly. We take out our trash. Those are all in the day’s work. We settle at our beds knowing that we did a fairly good job taking care of our homes. Until we use our bathrooms and see some critters hiding behind our sinks. Or when we open our cupboards during breakfast and see these awful creatures eating away our box of cereals.

Silverfish Bugs Guide

These pests are called the silverfish insects that thrive in some areas in our homes. You can often see them in the bathroom sinks, kitchen, cupboards, in the attic, in your wallpapers, in your bookshelves or even in your pipes.

“But why are there silverfish in my house?”, you ask. What do these areas have in common? The answer is moisture. These silverfish bugs survive in places that have high humidity. Also, you can see them on your books, wallpapers and closets because their main staple of food is starches. They love the glue or paste in your books and wallpapers and starches on clothes. The bad news is, they can live without food for about a year. So for as long as there’s high humidity, they can still attack.

Although there is no report of silverfish attacking humans, they can still destroy properties in your homes so it is important to get rid of them immediately before they can destroy your most prized possessions and contaminate your foods that could eventually harm you and your beloved family.

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One thought on “Why are there silverfish insects in my house?!

  1. These bugs are really irritating around the house. My kids are terrified of them. As a mom, I want to get rid of them and protect my family. I used some of your solutions like getting rid of the moisture around the house and they worked! It is a natural way and totally fuss free! Thank you for giving me the suggestion!