Silverfish Removal Without Chemicals

Getting rid of silverfish can be quite easy. You can actually exterminate them without using any harmful chemicals. The secret of doing this is through proper cleaning and maintaining good hygiene at home.

It is important to know the characteristics of silverfish before we get rid of them. Know that these pests thrive on dark places like our closets, attic, and other storage areas. Next is that they live on protein substances and starch. These includes our clothes and beds.

Silverfish Removal Without ChemicalsNow, we have identified the places where they survive. What we can do now is to keep these areas clean and dry. Proper storage is also important in preventing silverfish bug attacks. Make sure that when you store clothes inside your closets, they are dry and clean so that they won’t be attracted to them. They are drawn to perspiration, body oils, colognes and perfumes so this is really advisable. But the smell of cedar and lavender can be poisonous to these pests so you can use detergent soaps that has these elements.

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