What causes Silverfish in the House?

There are two main causes of silverfish in the house. First is moisture. Second is the presence of food.

Silverfish pests are highly nocturnal insects that love to thrive in areas that are wet and high in moisture. They invade your homes because it is the perfect place where this areas are present. They include areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, sinks, basements, walls and attics. These insects reproduce in these areas so you must be watchful for any silverfish attacks on these parts. They also love those environments that are not too hot nor too bright. They mate in the dark and find a shelter that is not too dark.

The most favorite food and is considered their staple is starch. Don’t be surprised if you can see holes on your favorite cotton shirt and even holes in your walls, cereal boxes and books. They love the paste in your wallpapers and the glue that binds your books. However, as pesky as they are, these insects can live without food for about a year.

Don’t be surprised if you see silverfish in areas that have their food and has high moisture. What you can do is prevent this from happening. Always make sure that you keep every part of your house clean and dry. You may a dehumidifier to keep the areas in the house dry. Make sure to fix broken plumbings immediately. To lessen the risk of silverfish infestation, you may not opt to use wallpapers and instead go for simple walls with your desired paint in the house. Keep your books away from silverfish by setting up a bait using lavender leaves since they hate the smell of them.

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  1. I’ll wait and see if these lavender works. I hope it does! Thanks for your suggestion!